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From: Dik Chance, European Director, FAST Defence &FAST Combatives

Subject: Instructor Training in FAST

Teaching self-defence needs to be done in a such a way that your students and clients are as effective as they possibly can be. Nothing can be left to chance, we MUST do it properly.
If you're here reading this, you are looking for something truly groundbreaking to either supplement what you are already teaching, or something to teaching in it's own right.

FAST can give you that. From our entry level FAST combatives training all the way up to our state of the art FAST Defence Bulletman training, we have trained some of the finest, most successful instructors around the world.

There are currently only two people in the world that can offer you this training. Bill Kipp and myself.

You want to the be the best, right?

Do you want to the be recognised in your area, your community and your country as one of the top Self-Defence Instructors?
The FAST Team worldwide are exactly that.


Because what we teach is honest, repeatable and it WORKS. Not just for our elite instructors, but for most people, most of the time, in most situations.
You can be certain what you are teaching is right because you and your students will be testing it in the world's most effective scenario training.

"The training received was extremely informative and I would like to thank Dik for presenting it in a way that allowed me to look ahead to see where it would fit in my own environment"

- Sharon Graham, Staff Trainer, Kent Police

What we teach in FAST Defence is simple to understand, easy to do, and will be retained long after the course has finished.

You'll learn how to teach people to :

We use cutting edge adrenal stress response training to hardwire those skills, so they can be accessed under the most extreme conditions.

This same training is used around the world to train elite law enforcement and military units; fire fighters, airline pilots etc. Anyone who really needs to rely on their training when it counts.

Real life situations are scary, horrible and chaotic. There is little in normal life that prepares us for it. This can lead to freezing or an inappropriate response that makes the situation worse.

If you've ever been in a situation, you'll know what we mean. Even things like roadrage or bullying-at-work are becoming everyday occurrences.

The people you portray during your courses are scarily accurate. I see people like this every day in my job.

We teach people to skillfully deal with any level of conflict, with confidence, courage, and composure. And we do it FAST!

If you have ever been in a tough spot and afterwards thought
"I sure wish I could have handled that better", then FAST is for you!

Now more than ever, so many people need what we have to offer. Let me show you how to get it!!

Now is a great time to start the process...

The FAST Instructor training ticks all the boxes for people wanting to teach effective self-defence to adults and children.
It's accessible, cost effective, flexible and fun. Students of all ages and abilities love to train in it.

The initial material is simple to learn and implement for instructors. We don't ask that you drop everything else you are teaching. We know that you'll love it.

"The F.A.S.T Instructor course was an absolute pleasure to attend and a real learning experience. This was an Instructors course for instructors and I was very impressed with the professional level of instruction given throughout.
The F.A.S.T system is one of the best I have got involved with and it really does provide the missing elements that many systems fail to include, such as how we as human beings really operate under the effects of adrenaline and how best to deal with it, as well as making effective use of proper verbal, awareness and assertiveness skills.
The beauty about the F.A.S.T system is that it does what is says it does, i.e. it works for most people most of the time using only high percentage techniques.
It's quick and easy to learn which has been clearly evident when teaching my own students and watching them train. It's great as a stand alone system and even compliments any other system.
One of the things I like most about teaching F.A.S.T is that i can teach it in a variety of different ways using creative drills, scenarios etc. There is no rigid syllabus to follow and that's what makes the classes fun, and has proved to be very popular with men and women alike. As long as the tools are implemented and taught correctly the lesson plans can be endless.
For any instructor wishing to teach a realistic and honest system, I would definately recommend this no B.S course. Do it and you and your students will love it"
Tony Hughes, Owner KSCKM

So how does it work?


There are two main ways that you can do the training with us.

The first is to attend one of our region group trainings that are held all around the world. The other is to book us to come to you. Both have pros and cons.

I'd be more than happy to schedule a discussion with you and go over all the options so you can decide if FAST training is what you are looking for. We can do this in person, or via a telephone conference (we extensively use skype and other online meeting tools).

Just enter your details below and I'll contact you right away to discuss your needs.

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Dik Chance
European Director, FAST Defence