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Parents Want the Best For Their Kids


From: Dik Chance, European Director, FAST Defence

Subject: Anti-Bullying and Anti-Abduction for Kids

I have been teaching children for many, many years. But like so many people, I was horribly bullied as a child.
So I really do understand the pressures and joys of kids. And I know that you want the best for your child in a safe, fun learning environment that prepares them to win in life.

You Want Your Child To Be Safe

We know safety is the responsibility of parents. But parents can't be everywhere all the time. So as part of that responsibility we must train our children so that they know how to avoid dangerous people and places and know what to do in an emergency. As parents, the responsibility is ours and our kids are counting on us.
At FAST Defence we teach your child to deal with:

"Just have to say to you what a brilliant course for the juniors yesterday!
Perfectly pitched - in every way, I thought. Should be part of the national curriculum. So empowering...made me wish I was 8 again.
- Sarah Lajevardi

Your Child Can Learn to Think For Themselves

We cannot always be with them, nor can we prepare them for every potential situation. FAST Defence will teach your child some of the most crucial skills to allow them to solve these problems as they arise. Skills like:

FAST Defence is taught in short 2 hour seminars so there is no regular commitment, just great training.

Those crucial age differences

All good teachers know that you cannot teach a 6 year old in the same way you teach a 14 year old. Self-defence training is no different.
At FAST Defence we understand the needs of the children we teach. Not only the style of class they need, but also the content. The threats faced by a 6 year old are VERY different to those faced by a teenager.
This is why our seminars are taught in age ranges. These are:

We thought the course was excellent. It was entirely age appropriate, informative and fun.
The coaching was excellent. The course gave the children simple ideas which I think they will remember and which they can use in a variety of situations. I will be recommending it to their school. I think that 6-10 and 11-teens would benefit by attending!

- Judith Bell

Adrenaline and Lots of Fun!

For children and adults alike, you cannot learn effective self-defence in a sterile environment. Think back to the last time you were really scared by another human being. Maybe an argument at work, or roadrage from a stranger.
That feeling you get is the adrenaline rush. If you aren't prepared for it, and you don't train with it, the is a strong likelihood you could freeze.
We are internationally renowned experts at teaching people not only to expect this but to harness it and use it.
We are not here to make your child a "fighter." On the contrary, our focus is to make sure your child knows how to get away from danger, not cause it.

Now more than ever, so many parents need what we have to offer. Let me show you how to find out more...

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Dik Chance
European Director, FAST Defence